Monthly Archives: November 2014

Hi everyone !

This is the first official blog post for the Bleak Fortress project. So what happened this year ? Many good things I would say.

First, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. The reason is that I am working very hard on our Bleak Fortress title so I wanted to spend most of my time developing the game while avoiding anything that would slow it down.

This project began last year with a very specific goal; making a very good platformer based on ideas from Metal Gear Solid, Metroid and Blackthorn (an old game from Blizzard Entertainment).

I had a prototype very close to public testing and our campaign was about to launch on Kickstarter. So what happened? Why no updates on this? Simple. When I initially started designing the game I was using an HTML 5 game engine which supported many platforms. However, the project has evolved since then with new ideas and a larger scope which eliminated this engine as a viable option.

The game is now ported to Unity’s game engine.  What does this mean? To be honest this mean a lot! First, we can explore the possibility of porting the game to Xbox One, Playstation 4 or any other platform. We will now have lightning in levels for a more realistic ambiance. This was definitely needed since the game is called Bleak Fortress. It wouldn’t be bleak fortress without a nice lightning touch! The performance and compatibility with controls is greatly increased as well since the game will be native on each platform. Since i am a skilled C# programmer it was a natural choice for me.

Another important event, a professional 15 year experienced sound and music composer (which worked on 2k games projects and snowboarding videos for companies like Burton) has joined the project. He helped me to push the project in the right direction and we are now partners. This is a very good news for the project so I am happy to give him a worm welcome! Since he has joined the team we can now expect an incredible auditive experience in the prototype once released.

I would say that the new engine prototype is currently at about 15-20% completion. The website will be updated eventually to reflect the new changes. So keep tuned for more updates! We definitively on track to keeping this project moving forward!

Thanks for your support.