Monthly Archives: December 2014

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to present the second project update along with some new screenshots!

I have reached a point with the Unity engine to say with confidence that we will have a prototype completed by the end of 2015. I am glad we chose Unity to port our game Bleak Fortress which has allowed such a smooth transition. The prototype is approaching completion at 30%. The navigation system is fully implemented; we can now go from room to room using doors, corridors, or elevators. Switches are also fully operational as well. You can now activate a switch that powers up a door in another room or in the same room.

BleakFortress1_pre_r2 BleakFortress2_pre_r2

Note: Theses screenshots have been taken from a very early prototype preview version.

So what’s next in 2015?

We will start to apply the sound and music to actual game features for a more realistic environment.

Dialogs! Primarily for interacting with NPCs in the game. These dialogs will accompany the story of Bleak Fortress initiating immersive gameplay.

I will then focus on player damage and player death. In the previous prototype (built with the old engine) it was pretty basic. This time it will be a little bit more hardcore.

Following this will be the introduction of complex room entities. These include security cameras, thermal detection lasers, alarm-triggering trip lasers, and waking sentry guns. This will also introduce basic terminal support, which will serve for saving the game in the prototype. (Terminals will have a more interesting role in the final game, offering the ability to interact with other in-game devices.) At this point a cover system will be integrated as well, allowing the player to hide in the shadows to avoid enemy fire.

Then will come the almighty inventory system, along with a chest and locker system for item storage. The inventory coding must be re-written due to unsatisfactory results from the last engine’s prototype. Establishing the inventory will bring us to the next phase of wielding and firing weapons.

More to come! Stay tuned.