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Hi guys!

Enjoy two more screens which include our brand new logo for Bleak Fortress! First screen show our progress on our new but minimalist simple inventory system and the second screen show the storage room from the Jail C-2 zone. This week i have some more free time so i will be able to boost a bit the development of our prototype. More updates soon!

Bleak Fortress - Inventory Prevew

Bleak Fortress – Inventory Prevew

Bleak Fortress - Jail C-2 Storage Room

Bleak Fortress – Jail C-2 Storage Room


Hey guys! I decided to post a little update about a very important device that you will use in the game. The Satcom device!

The Satcom device

What is the Satcom device ? A bit inspired from the device used in Metal Gear Solid, the Satcom device is a communication/interface device that the player will use in order to see the map, inventory, objectives and to be able to hack terminals. It also able communication with allies. Now the Satcom device will serve as an interface to interact with most of the game features and interfaces.

Inventory preview

Here a little preview of an empty Satcom inventory. I re-designed the inventory because i wanted it to be simpler than the last one. Also this kind of inventory enable us to have muliple inventory screens (if required later in the development of the game).


Hi guys,

We are approaching the middle of 2015! Sorry for the delay but I’ve been concentrating on the development of our upcoming title “Bleak Fortress”. It is with certainty that I say we are reaching the end of our early prototype development. We’re about 60-70% done implementing early engine features. We expect the prototype to be publicly available around the end of August. The prototype aims to show the game’s dark atmosphere and sonic ambiance along with some of the upcoming features we will see in the final product. And as you know, any part of the prototype is subject to change during development. We are currently further developing the game’s artwork, audio, gameplay features, and storyline which will be carried over into the full version of the game.

Here’s a sneak peak at the security lasers.


On a side note, we’ve removed access to the “Bleak Fortress” page on our website. We’ll be replacing it with updated information soon.

Now for those requesting some details about the game.


Bleak Fortress is a retro futuristic 2D stealth platformer combining elements from classic games like Metal Gear Solid, Metroid and Blackthorn (An old Blizzard Entertainment retro game).


Bleak Fortress will be written in C# using Unity 5 engine.


Platforms games are fun and i think there can never be enough of them. I wanted a platform game with a nice story and ambiance for the end player to enjoy. I wanted to create a platform game where the player would have to think a bit more about where he must go, and how he can get through certain obstacle without relying on his weapons, which will be limited. I think the idea of crashing on an unknown planet and getting captured with your crew make it interesting in many ways. The player will have obvious questions about why they’ve have been captured and how to escape alive from such a hostile environment.


The game take place in 2088, aboard on a ship you and your crew has crashed on an uncharted ice planet. You wake up in a dark and strange place.

It appears you’ve been captured and imprisoned in a very deep fortress without warning. You must find what happened to your crew and find a way to escape from the fortress.


You must discover what happened to your crew, why you have been captured, and find a way to get out of the fortress.


– Cross-platform: Win32, MacOS, Linux.
– Available in both languages at launch: French and English. (More can be supported depending on requests)
– Amazing in-game sonic ambiance.
– Gamepad and keyboard support.
– Intriguing story.
– Simple inventory management.
– Explore a huge and deep hi-security underground fortress.
– Non-linear progression with mission objectives.
– Try many different approaches to complete your objectives.
– Unique objects and weapons to find in order to progress in the game.
– Hide yourself in deeper areas to avoid conflicts or enemy fire.
– Hijack terminals with your Satcom device in order to open new paths of exploration, obtain tactical & critical data for your mission, or simply to disable security devices in order to progress in the game.

Thanks for fellowing our progress!