Monthly Archives: October 2015


Hi guys!

I have very good news in this blog post. Our public prototype of the game will be available for download during november 2015! We have worked very hard to bring a first full working prototype which gonna show some aspect of our final game. In this prototype you will be able to explore a complete zone which is the start zone found in the final game. This is only a prototype so you have to take into consideration that there are missing features especially on the combat side of the game and items availability in inventory. Our ultimate goal is to get feedbacks so we can improve the game during the rest of its development.

We want to gather a lots of feedback from the game so we are only asking you to fill a small survey once you played the prototype. This will help us a lots to improve the game where possible.

BleakFortress_r0.1_Gameplay_021 BleakFortress_r0.1_Gameplay_023

Thanks for your support!